Gonna Make You Sweat!!!

Hello Skinny Bitches! Hope you all had a fun and healthy Spring break. Let’s have a quick recap of what we’ve accomplished so far…We have thought about what causes us to over eat, we’ve added fruits and veggies daily, we’ve mentally prepared for spring break. Now we need to add some exercise into the mix. Yes i know exercise SUCKS! But here’s the thing if you’re truly serious about getting healthier and losing weight then exercise is important. Not only does it help you burn calories but it’s good for your heart, lungs, muscles, joints & even your mental health (it’s good for lots of other things but this blog is only going to be so long.) And I know with kids, work, school, spouses who want their supper, ball games, homework and all of the other obligations we have its hard to find time to get there. For me I’ve made my time at the gym just that, it’s the time I set aside for me, it’s MY TIME and I’m very selfish with it. I pack my gym clothes every morning and I change after work and head to the gym. I never attempt to run home first because I know if I do then more than likely something will come up and I won’t make it there. It’s me, my headphones & some loud obnoxious music, yes I like it loud. The louder it is the harder I work. And yes I dread going everyday but after the first fifteen minutes the dread fades away and I’m feeling great about my dedication. Now if we’re gonna make the time to exercise lets do it right and get a little sweat going especially if weight loss is your main goal. So this week we all need to keep ourselves mentally prepared, keep eating fruits and veggies, and get your ass off the couch and head to the gym. Remember all good habits start with discipline. Have a great week!



Hello all you skinny bitches! Here I sit at the computer after a fun week of spring break with my Kansas family and Sister A! I wouldn’t trade our times together for anything. Yes, we ate and drank too much but we also laughed and laughed and we all know that that burns a few calories! In all seriousness, how do we survive spring break without gaining any weight? I used to get so nervous about getting out of my eating and exercise habit(s). It would literally stress me out to think about gaining weight during these times away from the norm. How do I handle it now? I pack my gym clothes and shoes and use the hotel equipment; I plan ACTIVITY for the family (zoo, roller skating and lots of laughing); we all have to get out and circle the gas station and get some blood flowing during our fuel up time; we drink water with most all of our meals, even if soda “comes” with it. Am I burning my goal of 500 calories in the gym while I am on vacation? Probably not, but it is something and keeps my mind right. But probably the most important part of spring break success is…NOT WEIGHING UNTIL FRIDAY!! This is huge for my mental saneness! Now I am usually on the scale DAILY but after vacation I give myself five days to reset everything! Every single time I have been able to be at the weight that I left my house at in five days. So no harm, no foul. A week of fun with the fam, a little splurge and now I am hungry to get back to my salads and spin class and I will see the scale on Friday!

Peace, Love and Health,

Sister B ❤️


What the hell kind of title is that? I’m hungry therefore I eat, isn’t that how it works? Hello blog readers, Sister A here. I’ve been thinking a lot this week about why I spent so much of my life obese. When I think back I remember the “high” I would get when shoving something high in sugar, fat and carbs into my mouth. For me food was the connection in everything I did, when I was celebrating, when I was tired, when family came to visit, it really didn’t matter what the occasion or what my mood was food was my main focus. I knew my eating habits were bad, I knew something had to change. For years I tried so many different quick fix diets, all them ending in failure(well most all, I once lost 30lbs thanks to the divorce diet.) But those pounds soon found there way back and they invited a few friends to join them. I’d read about eating healthier and things I read always said things like: make your calories count, eat this to burn more calories, carry healthy snacks with you so you don’t hit the vending machine at work. And when I would read these articles the only thing going through my brain was…..no shit Sherlock. I understand the concept of you gotta eat healthy foods to lose weight. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how the process works. The problem was I didn’t know how to shut off the bad eating habits. I’d try to eat better but by the end of the day I was starving and usually I would have the shakes because my body was seriously going through sugar and carb withdraw.  So how did I finally break the cycle? Well I’m not going to tell you all the Sister’s secrets today but I am going to help you take you first step. This week your challenge is to eat one serving of fruits and one serving of veggies everyday. You don’t have to try and give anything up yet, were going to take this slow. This is exactly how I started, with fruits and veggies and the continued encouraging words of Sister B of course (that skinny bitch really is the Tony Robbins of weight loss) No matter how bad I have failed in the past Sister B could always make me believe it wasn’t the end and she would always make me feel better about myself. So in addition to your fruits and veggies get out there and find yourself a Sister B. Peace out future skinny bitches.

Curve Balls…

Lose three pounds. Gain four. Lose four. Gain two. It’s a struggle every. single. day. But is it worth it? HELL to the YES it is! Do you think it has been easy for Sister A to lose 60 pounds in one year? Well it hasn’t. Is there a quick and easy fix? No, there isn’t. Can you out exercise a bad diet. NO YOU CAN NOT!  This is Sister B here to tell you about how diet and exercise is a complete package. One will not be successful without the other. And will you have to go through it more than once in your life? Probably so.

Sister B has been active most of her life. Played college softball, ran half marathons, coached her kids in sports…blah. blah. blah. Kept a fairly comfortable weight around 140-145 with this lifestyle and not watching her calories and (dun, dun, dun…)SUGAR! And yeah, you better believe that sugar will be another blog! Anyways, finally in 2003, sister B started watching everything that went into her mouth. And I mean EVERYTHING. Bye-bye 15 pounds. Well, life throws us all curve balls and Sister B’s came in the form of a bouncing baby boy at her not-so-young age of 42. Hello 60 pounds! After baby weight was gone, Sister B was left with an extra 20 pounds. Obese? No. Comfortable? No. Gym at least five days a week, thinking she is eating pretty good. But is she really? Two years ago, sister B entered a weight loss challenge, journaling everything that went in to her mouth again and logging exercise down to the calorie. It was a rude awakening…Sister B had no idea how much she was really putting in the pie hole. No idea. Also, those machines at the gym that tell you how many calories you are burning…they are lying to you. Well, not completely lying cuz you are burning calories but not probably what you think you are. Sister B invested in a heart rate monitor, one with a strap that you wear. And FYI, if you are comfortable with your exercise routine, you need more. So just do it! (What a catchy little phrase) So, here we have the whole package. Sister B is journaling everything that went into her mouth, careful to get in fruits and veggies EVERYDAY, getting in all her water, only allowing sweets one day a week, no fast food AND burning 500 honest calories a day. Yeah, sister B won that challenge. Bye bye to that last 20 pounds, hopefully for the final time. Call her competitive but there is something to be said for accountability! Get yourself a partner. Sister B and Sister A are lucky  to have had each other. Don’t have that partner? Pick us..we’ll hold you accountable and Sister A is brutally honest! If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for something else. Like the money at the end of that challenge. Just do it (thanks again Nike).Will life throw the sisters another curve ball? Probably so. Will they be ready? Hell to the Yes they will be. And so will you!



So I’ve already told you that this blog is about two sisters fighting a battle against weight gain and staying healthy but today I’m going to give a you a little rundown on the sisters…..Lets call them sister A and sister B.  Sister B is middle aged, 5’4 tall, curvy build and currently weighs 130lbs. Sister A is middle aged, 5’3 tall, curvy build, and currently weighs 140lbs (and no I don’t give a shit if you think 140lbs doesn’t qualify as a skinny bitch.) So what is different about these two hot momma’s? Well sister B’s averaged between 120-135lbs over the last ten years, sister A however has averaged between 170-200lbs (no that last number is not a misprint.) Sister A has lost 60lbs in the last year. So you have two sisters same parents, same upbringing, same build, same meals at the table for eighteen years, why has sister B been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while sister A continued to be obese for so long? Did sister A just have less will power? Did sister B just have a higher metabolism? What the hell was going on is sister A’s brain that told her to keep eating? Before I say any more about sister A just let me give a shout out to sister B because she works like a beast to stay healthy. Now why is it that sister B knew her limits and had the common sense to go to the gym when sister A kept shoving it in her pie hole and avoided the gym? So the big question is…..why can some people conquer diet and exercise and some can’t? Is it in our genetic makeup or is it just how sugar and carbs affect some peoples brains? I’m not claiming to be a scientist by any means but it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out the answer. Sister A was eating more and not exercising, sister B knew her limits with food and had a good exercise regimen. Once again it all comes down to common sense. There is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy. These two sisters can do it and so can you. Stay tuned to our blog and the Sisters can help you succeed.

Fat shaming, skinny shaming, fad diets, diet apps, low carbs, calorie burning trackers, step trackers, sugar free, fat free, blahhhh it’s enough to make your head explode! This is the blog of two sisters who fight the battle everyday and win. How do they win you ask? Well it’s really just basic common sense; you have to burn more calories than you are shoving in your pie hole. How do they have the will power and energy to do it? Well your just going to have to read their daily blogs! You’ll get tips and advice to help you succeed in finding your own inner skinny bitch (trust me she’s there and she is dying to get out)